Old Town Slang

Get with the slang kids are speaking in Old Town.

Bakebrain – someone who consumed too many drugs.

Banger – wannabe tough guy, a poser not affiliated with any gang.

Berrie – a prostitute. Also called a joygirl.

The big dark – death.

Bitbrain – a nerd, a programmer.

bitNinja – a hacker who’s exceptional.

Blackbook: Rogue Ops – a combat game in the Virtual.

Black Ice – Joshua’s Blackbook: Rogue Ops team.

Brain Boomer (also Cortex Bomb) – an implanted explosive device controlled by a remote, used to keep a person in line.

Brainmeat – a permie whose body is incapable of surviving outside the permie rig.

Chivvy – A person who is tailing you. e.g. “Hey man, you’ve picked up a chivvy.”

Chop shop – an underground shop that steals and hacks restricted tech.

Chop tech – a tech who hacks restricted tech stolen by the shop’s Ravens.

Clots – Epitaph nickname for the Horned God gang, short for blood clot.

Cortex bomb (also Brain Boomer) – an explosive device implanted in the head and controlled by a remote, used to keep a person in line.

Crew – a cop.

Crank – bad street drugs

Cupcake – a person with a sweet, gentle nature.

Curb serving – selling drugs on a street corner.

Drags – parents. “The drags are on my ass because my school grades suck.”

Ducats – money. e.g. “Making extra ducats moonlighting on the side as a bodyguard for a hillside townie.”

Dwellers – people in Old Town who live in the old BART tunnels. Cannibals and dangerous.

ERP – role play involving sex in the Virtual.

FVI (Federal Virtual Investigator) – A Virtual FBI agent. They have root powers and can spawn into the Virtual without using designated logout or spawn points.

Flash – a hallucinogenic drug, addictive like heroine. Also known as Goop, Go-glow and Haze.

Floatman – someone coerced to work for an enemy with a high probability of dying, e.g. a floating dead man.

Free Fire Zone – an area in a city known for its rampant lawlessness.

Go-Glow – See Flash.

Goop – See Flash.

Haze – See Flash.

Hillside Townie – someone who owns a skypalace. A rich person.

Idle – to wait. e.g. “I’ll idle here until you’re finished.”

Joygirl/Joyboy – a prostitute. Also called a berrie.

Juicer Tank – jail cell for disorderly drunks and druggies picked up by the cops.

Kill Nine – one of the more organized Nack groups. Monitored by NSMZ agents.

Kitchener – someone who makes illegal drugs. Also describes someone who creates custom drugs.

Loquita/Loquito – (Spanish) a crazy woman or man.

LoSan – the Los Angeles-San Diego mega city.

Mad Hatter – a hard-core drug dealer.

Mainlined – a term meaning you are mainlined into the Virtual through your neural link.

Mainline helmet/goggles – an apparatus that connects a neural implant to the Virtual, or other tech that allows for a mainlined operator.

Mainline Immersion Rigs – a lounger filled with nanomachine gel that conforms to your body, used by people mainlining into the Virtual.

Mami Chula – (Spanish) a hot mama, sexy woman.

Meat Maid/Meatboy – someone who’s had noticeable muscle enhancements.

Mona Lisa – a task or thing done to perfection.

Mujerona – (Spanish) used to describe a large woman.

Muster – to sell drugs. e.g. “I told him not to muster in my territory, now I’m sending him to the big dark.”

Nack – Nevada hacktivists. Their mission is to force NSMZ transparency, including a full disclosure of all prisoners kept in the NSMZ penitentiary.

Neg – negative/no.

Net Authority (NA) – Virtual police officers.

New Town – New Town San Francisco built across the bay.

NSMZ – Nevada State Military Zone. In 2048 Nevada’s borders were redrawn with most of the state declared a closed military zone. Guantanamo Bay prisoners were moved there when the prison closed in 2052 and Las Vegas is now in Arizona.

Old Town – Old Town San Francisco, mostly abandoned after a series of catastrophic earthquakes in 2040.

Permie – someone who is permanently linked into the Virtual.  Can also be used as an insult to someone who spends too much time in the Virtual and doesn’t ‘have a life’ in the Reals.

Permie lodge – a place where people permanently mainlined into the Virtual live in mainline rigs with intravenous feeding and caring.

Permie tender – someone who cares for people permanently mainlined into the Virtual. Can also be used as an insult for someone with a boring job.

Pongo – a soldier.

PUG – pick up group, a team of random people assembled for a game.

Que – a cigarette.

Rabbit – someone who runs away scared.

Raven – someone employed by a chop shop to steal restricted tech.

Razorboy/Razorgirl – someone with cybernetic body enhancements.

Razor Pongo – a cyber-enhanced solider.

The Reals – the real world. e.g. “Let’s log out of the Virtual and meet in the Reals.”

Ripperdoc – unlicensed doctor who implants fake IDs, treats wounds, installs bootleg neural implants. Some of the more skilled can perform muscle weaves and enhancements.

RP – Role play. This happens in the Virtual.

Scabs – homeless street people in Old Town.

Scan – to look at something or see something. e.g. “Did you scan that concert?”

Scrump – To fornicate.

Shaved Ice – street drug, similar to cocaine.

Shot – the boss or one who calls the shots.

Skycar – a vehicle that is street-legal and also flies.

Skypalace – mansions only reachable by skycar.

Slap Happy – a drug that makes someone compliant.  Used by drug traffickers and pimps/madams. Similar to a roofie.

Slip – paper money.

Sombra – (Spanish) a spy.

Spawn points – specific areas in the Virtual where the user spawns in or logs out.

Spinning cycles – thinking about something too hard. e.g. “Stop spinning cycles on him, he’s not worth it.”

Stasis Casket – A casket-like apparatus used to contain violent and dangerous criminals. They are stacked in prisons to save space. These were supposedly outlawed in 2050, but are still in use by NSMZ.

Street Crank – homemade drugs usually with low cost ingredients.

Tinfoil Hats – conspiracy theorists who have rejected all tech including communication devices, implants, the Virtual, etc.

Tinfoil Hat Towns – low-tech villages off the grid, usually fortresses with walls made of junk cars, trucks, corrugated roofing, etc. Only comms through old tech like walkie talkies.

Townies – people who live in New Town, usually refers to rich young Townies.

Twitch – the act of doing something stupid or without thinking it through, reacting.

The Virtual – a virtual representation of the world people link into with neural implants. Games, shops, virtual travel, etc.

Vampire – someone who has permanent enhanced night vision, only comes out at night, and avoids daylight.

Vikki – A Virtual prostitute.

Yap hole – your mouth.