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If you’re looking for a series that will draw you in and make you feel like one of the characters, look no further.

Experience dramatic chases through crumbling megacities, futuristic skyscrapers, and the virtual world. Match wits with gangsters, undercover agents, and international arms dealers to negotiate high-stake risks—and rewards. Use what you know and what you learn to discover who, and what your character is…because when you read a story by Al Davidson, you’re claiming that character as your own. Walk in their shoes, experience their inner turmoil, and fight to the death, spurs out.

**sound of a vinyl record screeching to a halt**

Okay, that all sounds fine, but who am I?

I am a Star Wars loving, MMO gamer, comic book collecting, action-movie junkie who reads everything from thrillers, to fantasy, science fiction, to horror and of course, graphic novels. I love Stranger Things, Blade Runner, John Wick, anime, martial arts movies, Farscape, Firefly, Alex Rider, Jack Reacher, Orphan X and I own more Wolverine comics than any normal person should admit to. (People wonder about Joshua’s spurs but those are based on an old Shadowrun character.) My writing style is influenced by all the genres I read.

One of the writers I admire most is Stephen King. He arranges 26 letters into words that scare the crap out of me. Epic level Prose Mastery.

Another is Gregg Hurwitz, author of the Orphan X series. A writing instructor once said: Make your antagonist smart, but make your protagonist smarter. Which means to me, never allow your antagonist to win because the villain was a dumbass. Sometimes I wonder how Evan Smoak will get out of a tight situation, and he always does by out-smarting smart antagonists. Mr. Hurwitz is a brilliant writer.

I’m a full time writer who lives on a small ranch in the California mountains above the Pacific Ocean with family and two dogs, Princess Buttercup, a Queensland Heeler, and Mojo, an Australian shepherd. They would prefer I write less and hike more.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy hiking, music, rock and fossil hunting, adventure travel, reading, playing MMOs (Black Desert and Guildwars 2) and thinking up new stories to write.

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