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Welcome to the Free Fire Zone.

Here’s your ticket to a dangerous world filled with the savage reality of cyber-enhanced gang members, impossible weapons, and mad scientists—and that’s not even including what’s in the Virtual. While cannibalism isn’t for everyone, there’s no shortage of it in the tunnels under Old Town San Francisco. Posh sky palaces and flying cars juxtapose major cities wracked with earthquakes and partially covered in seawater from global warming. Experience a futuristic cyberpunk world through the eyes and minds of dynamic characters you’ll find yourself rooting for…and others that’ll leave you relieved it’s only fiction.

Welcome to Al Davidson Stories. Enjoy incredible story art from the talented Yi Jong, Grady Earls, and others, and catch up on the latest news out of Old Town SF from intrepid reporter Sabrina Kasai. Stay tuned for short stories, fan art, and everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of The Sommerfeld Experiment series and the future of Al Davidson Stories. Find the latest updates on Zer0-Day, the first book in the series, here and on social.

Cover art by Grady Earls

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Covert government cyborg agents from Nevada’s underground expansion of Area 51. A crumbling megacity ruled by cybergangs. An insane neuroscientist and a kidnapped infant lost to memory, until now…

Joshua goes by many names. Zer0-Day: gamer legend in the Virtual. Reaper: ruthless leader of the Epitaph cybergang. The Operator: sole controller of the Maelstrom, a mind-linked weapon that can kill any human and circumvent any security measure. Despite this notoriety and dubious achievements, Joshua doesn’t know who—or what—he is.

While he suspects his amplified senses and reflexes are due to a head full of wetware, he doesn’t know how it got there and isn’t sure he wants to find out, given what he knows now.

Joshua’s activities have always placed him on the wrong side of the law, but his homemade weapon, the Maelstrom, has attracted the attention of a covert government entity. Evading law enforcement may be second nature, but he’s never dodged a hunter as relentless as Agent Vince Farrell.

Farrell and his team have two orders: 1) apprehend Joshua (mostly) unharmed, and 2) hand him over to black budget scientists who will permanently mind-link him to the Maelstrom. Farrell is confident this mission will be a simple snatch and grab.

Simple never applies when Joshua is backed into a corner because his backup plan is always deadly.

Art by J Caleb Design

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