Al Davidson

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Read the book cycling through Amazon’s #1 Best Seller list in Cyberpunk, Nanotechnology, Cybernetics, Computer Simulation, & More. Zer0-Day is an action-packed adventure with compelling characters readers are loving. Read more…

Covert cyborgs agents from an expansion of Area 51. An insane neuroscientist. A kidnapped superhuman lost to memory until now.

Who Am I? What am I?

These questions have plagued Joshua since childhood. Mysterious amplified senses and boosted reflexes have helped him survive and thrive in a brutal, lawless megacity, and he leads the notorious Epitaph gang with keen street instincts.

When Joshua’s unexplained abilities draw the attention of a covert government entity, he finds himself on the run. Only his skills, street smarts and a rogue hacker named Shelby keep him one step ahead of his relentless hunters.

They know what he is. They know who he is, and they will tear apart a megacity, placing everyone he cares for in danger, to bring him in.

Agent Farrell and his team have Joshua backed into a corner.

At the NSMZ base, a Maelstrom permie rig and a team of scientists await Joshua’s arrival.

Silently observing from the sidelines is Peter Yee of the Siuping Clan, a powerful crime boss to whom Joshua owes a favor.

Caught between two formidable entities who want to exploit his abilities for their own purposes, Joshua must choose between the man who will make him a human weapon, and the one who will turn him into brainmeat to control the Maelstrom.

Instead, Yee surprises Joshua with an unexpected offer—the opportunity of a lifetime and a way out of the killing and the death he’s known his whole life.

All Joshua needs to do is survive one more night in Old Town before Yee’s jet smuggles him off to a private estate in Macau.

But betrayal comes for Joshua from a source he never anticipated…

.99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited

“Packed with dark action, imaginative violence and a well thought out story, Zero-Day is a wild ride you’ll want to buckle in for!”

Morgan Justice, Indie Reviews

This SF crime novel has a lot of noteworthy elements. The worldbuilding, for instance, is exceptional—even in the virtual realities that provide characters with entertainment—as is the fine pacing. There’s also an impressive amount of action and adventure as well as intricate plotting and detailed character development.

Cyberpunk aficionados will enjoy this slick and highly readable tale.

Kirkus Reviews

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