Joshua’s story continues.
Coming April 2022.

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Agent Farrell and his team have Joshua backed into a corner.

At the NSMZ base, a Maelstrom permie rig and a team of scientists await Joshua’s arrival.

Silently observing from the sidelines is Peter Yee of the Siuping Clan, a powerful crime boss to whom Joshua owes a favor.

Caught between two formidable entities who want to exploit his abilities for their own purposes, Joshua must choose between the man who will make him a human weapon, and the one who will turn him into brainmeat to control the Maelstrom.

Instead, Yee surprises Joshua with an unexpected offer—the opportunity of a lifetime and a way out of the killing and the death he’s known his whole life.

All Joshua needs to do is survive one more night in Old Town before Yee’s jet smuggles him and Shelby off to a private estate in Macau.

But betrayal comes for Joshua from a source he never anticipated…