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Sabrina Kasai

Sabrina Kasai is a junior correspondent and investigative journalist for Old Town News Now®. Her passions include in-depth storytelling, long-form interviews, exposing corruption, and reporting on gang activity and community impact in Old Town San Francisco.

Sabrina joined Old Town News Now from LoSan News Today® where she served as a freelance correspondent.

She is a graduate with honors from the prestigious Far West School of Journalism & Virtual Reporting.

Miss Kasai’s work has twice garnered her the LoSan Virtual News Award for her investigative reporting of the Kill Nine lobbyist movement for transparency of Nevada State Military Zone.

When Sabrina is not reporting, she enjoys movies, indulging her inner foodie, and dancing. She works as a Big Sister for Old Town’s Russian Hill Orphanage and raises donations in support of rehoming.

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